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Student, Faculty and Staff Resources
Students. The heart of Hope College.

During Hope College's Day of Giving, you'll have the opportunity to give to the following departments and programs that serve Hope students and members of the faculty and staff:

The Boerigter Center for Calling and Career

Programming for the Boerigter Center enables all Hope students, beginning in their first semester, to understand their strengths, engage in experiences that directly connect to career preparation, discern vocational and life goals, and ascertain clear next steps toward their future. Discern. Prepare. Pursue.

COVID-19 Relief Fund

Your gift will help provide personal protective equipment and other supplies our students, faculty and staff need for in-person learning this semester and next fall. 

Disability and Accessibility Resources

Our services are individualized to ensure reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities, to promote and support students in self-advocacy, and to educate faculty, staff and students about disabilities. We believe that all students should be able to get there, fully participate and access all material.

Office of Possibilities

The Office of Possibilities ignites college-wide innovation to advance the future of learning. Launched by President Scogin in the fall of 2020, the Office of Possibilities is the “what could be” engine of Hope College, cultivating a culture of possibility thinking and persistent imagining where ideas flow and people flourish.  

Student Development Program Fund

Student Development utilizes the program fund to:

  • Support the whole-person development of each student
  • Enhance the student experience through programs, services, partnerships and connections
  • Promote an inclusive campus climate
  • Help students successfully navigate campus life

Van Wylen Library

Van Wylen Library serves as a vibrant center of intellectual and cultural life at Hope by assuming a significant educational role in a college community committed to excellence in learning and teaching. The library provides an inviting atmosphere, access to numerous print and digital materials, and innovative technologies and services to deliver information and scholarly resources to patrons.

Beat Our Best: Faculty/Staff Challenge
We Beat Our Best! Way to go Hope faculty/staff -- you made it happen! We have now beaten last year’s goal of 404 faculty/staff gifts, therefore unlocking a generous additional gift of $xxxx for student scholarships. Thank you for all that you do for the college and for giving to what you love!
404 / 404 Gifts
Night Owl Challenge
Hello, night owls! Why not end your day with gifts to your favorite areas of Hope? If 50 gifts are made from 10 pm to 3 am EST, a 1965 grad will give $1,000 to the Hope Fund to help support our area of greatest need - student scholarships!
50 / 50 Gifts
Fraternities Leaderboard
Which fraternity will make the most gifts? Keep checking to see who will win!
Please select your fraternity.
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Phi Kappa Alpha – Cosmo 34
2 Chi Phi Sigma – Arcadian 26
3 Phi Tau Nu – Emersonian 24
4 Omicron Kappa Epsilon Frater 23
5 Kappa Eta Nu Knickerbocker 12
6 Alpha Theta Chi – Centurian 6
7 Alpha Kappa Pi – Promethian 2
8 Phi Sigma Kappa - Phi Sigs 1
Office of Possibilities Match in honor of Gordon Van Wylen
A former Hope administrator is inspired by the Office of Possibilities and its mission to ignite college-wide innovation to advance the future of learning. He was also inspired by Gordon Van Wylen, who he feels embodied Hope’s aspirations - its past, present, and indeed its future. He will match all gifts to the Office of Possibilities up to $1,000 total. Make your gift today!
$1,000 MATCHED
Young Alumni and Student Challenge
We are so proud. Thanks to our young alumni and students for stepping up to the challenge. A generous 2019 grad just gave an additional $1,900 to help support student scholarships.
50 / 50 Donors
Departments and Programs Leaderboard
Which areas at Hope College do you love the most? The area with the most gifts takes the lead!
Rank Departments and Programs Donors
1 Hope Fund - Immediate Need 623
2 Hope Forward (Pay It Forward) - Future Need 140
3 Orange and Blue Fund 116
4 Center for Diversity and Inclusion 115
5 Dance 61
6 Engineering 44
7 Chemistry 40
8 Biology 40
9 Communication 36
10 Boerigter Center for Calling and Career 34
11 Hope Summer Repertory Theatre 33
12 Psychology 31
13 Economics and Business 30
14 Kinesiology 27
15 History 26
16 Music 26
17 Theatre 26
18 Nursing 25
19 Education 23
20 Study Abroad /Off-campus 23
21 Campus Ministries 22
22 Phelps Scholars 21
23 Political Science 19
24 Geological and Environmental Science 18
25 Art and Art History 17
26 English 17
27 ExploreHope 16
28 World Languages and Cultures 14
29 Sociology 14
30 Computer Science 14
31 Social Work 13
32 CMS (Center for Ministry Studies) 10
33 Awakening 10
34 Van Wylen Library 10
35 Neuroscience 10
36 Children's After School Achievement (CASA) 10
37 Mathematics and Statistics 9
38 David O. Otai '12 International Student Resource and Activity Fund 9
39 Physics 8
40 Women's and Gender Studies 7
41 Kruizenga Art Museum 6
42 Religion 6
43 Office of Possibilities 5
44 Disablity and Accessibility Resources 5
45 Student Development Program Fund 5
46 Vienna Summer School 5
47 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 4
48 COVID-19 Relief Fund 4
49 Global Studies 2
50 Philosophy 2
51 Emmaus Scholars 2
52 Spring Break Immersion Trips 2
53 Hope Software Institute 2
54 American Ethnic Studies 1
55 Peace and Justice 0
Sororities Leaderboard
Which sorority will make the most gifts? Keep checking to see who will win!
Please select your sorority.
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Sigma Sigma – Sigmas 71
2 Sigma Iota Beta – Sibs 64
3 Delta Phi – Delphi 40
4 Kappa Beta Phi – Dorians 38
5 Alpha Gamma Phi - Alpha Gams 27
6 Kappa Delta Chi - Kappa Chis 10
7 Alpha Phi Zeta – Aletheans 2
Discern. Prepare. Pursue Challenge
Help support the Boerigter Center, which helps students prepare to impact our world by assisting them in discerning, preparing, and pursuing their career goals and callings. Once 25 people make a gift, an additional $10,000 will be unlocked. A 1968 grad and their spouse made this challenge possible because of the unique benefits the center offers Hope students from freshman year through graduation.
25 / 25 Donors
Early Bird Challenge
Rise and shine, early birds! Why not start your day with gifts to your favorite areas of Hope? If 25 gifts are made from 3 am to 7 am EST, an anonymous gift of $1,000 will be added to the Hope Fund to help support our area of greatest need - student scholarships.
25 / 25 Gifts
Happy FRI-YAY Challenge
FRI-YAY -- You did it! We have reached 100 gifts, which has earned an additional $2,500 to help support student scholarships. Thank you for supporting Hope’s greatest need!
100 / 100 Gifts
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